Burt Myers, Brown get victories in Modifieds

Brown's streak of top qualifying times ends at eight

By Tommy Bowman / Journal Reporter

Burt Myers said that he likes the view from the front.

Myers started from the pole position for the first time this season and went on to win last night's first 25-lap race for the featured Modified Division at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Not to be totally outdone, Tim Brown, the man Myers unseated for front-row honors, won the second race.

"I'll be honest, Tim has made us work hard," Myers said. "We've tried things from years ago, we've incorporated those with things from today. We've been busting our butts to try to get back up there and win a pole and we finally got our hat back."

Brown's season-long run of qualifying victories ended at eight, and he wasn't happy about it. Brown's lap of 13.598 was topped by 11 drivers.

"I'm proud of the guys for not giving up," Brown said. "I got real mad -- I was kicking and throwing stuff -- because I'm diehard wanting to win. And qualifying 12th was like stabbing me in the heart."

Myers was the fastest with a lap of 13.237 seconds (68.0 mph) on the quarter-mile track.

"I told (Brown) I felt like Rocky against the Russian and I finally cut him," Myers said.

Myers had no problem in the first race -- leading all 25 laps on the way to his third victory of the season and 31st of his career. Lee Jeffreys finished second and Robert Jeffreys was third.

Brown, who basically maintained his lead in the season standings for the Modified Division, caught a significant break in a draw for an inverted start of the second race.

Brown finished 11th in the first race and a draw of an "8" or "10" for the second race would have left him well back in the field and almost certain to lose ground in the season's points battle.

But Myers drew a "12" for the inverted start, putting 12th-finishing John Lain on the pole for the start of the second race and Brown on the outside of the front row.

Brown went on to win for the fourth time this season and 42nd time in his career, but not without an early challenge from the rookie Lain.

Lain got a jump at the start, accelerating and building a gap against Brown before reaching the starting line, and led the first three laps after getting the green flag. But Brown moved inside of Lain in the fourth lap and hung on to pass for the lead. Lain finished a career-best second and Bobby Hutchens was third.

"We're glad to win, but we don't come over here to win the second race," Brown said. "We come over to win the pole and win the first one.

Lain hadn't finished in the top 10 in four previous attempts at the stadium.

"Tim's tough," Lain said. "I couldn't wait for him at the start. I knew I had to take my chances and just go."

Derek Stoltz and Gene Pack won 20-lap races in the Sportsman Division. Ryan Nelson won a 20-lap Street Stock race, and Dale Barneycastle won the 15-lap Stadium Stock main event.

Stoltz, who won for the third time this season, led all the way in the first Sportsman race. Pack registered his first victory of the season after taking the lead three laps from the finish when David Adams' car fell off the pace with mechanical trouble.

Adams had taken the lead in the first lap after frontrunners Steven Berrier and Jim Shoaf collided.

Ronnie Clifton hung on to the lead in the season standings for the Sportsman Division despite getting caught in an opening-lap crash in the second race.

Nelson took the lead in the 11th lap after frontrunners Brian Wall and Ethan Stoltz collided and he went on to his second victory of the season. David Sumner and Ryan Nelson wound up tied for the season points lead.

Barneycastle took the lead form Scott Gordon in the sixth lap and went on to win for the second time this season in the Stadium Stock Division. Johnny Burke finished fifth and took the lead in the season standings.

Jimmy Absher was the leader in the season standings for the Stadium Stock Division but did not compete last night. He is recovering from a leg injury suffered in an auto accident last week.

Junior Johnson was the grand marshal of last night's racing. Johnson, who ranks 10th on the all-time victory list for what is now NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series, won four of his 50 races at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Modified Division
first 25-lap race

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) $950

2. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 500

3. Robert Jeffreys (Winston-Salem) 325

4. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 275

5. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 350

6. Brian Pack (Walkertown) 325

7. Jason Myers Walnut Cove) 210

8. Bobby Hutchens (Lexington) 295

9. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 180

10. Brad Robbins (Winston-Salem) 170

11. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) 260

12. John Lain (Kernersville) 250

13. Jeremy Stoltz (Walkertown) 245

14. Andrew Durham (Roaring River) 240

15. Alfred Hill (Jonesville) 135

16. Kevin Powell (Winston-Salem) 130

17. Brent Elliott (Denton) 125

18. Jay Mize (Clemmons) 120

19. Brody Jones (Statesville) 115

20. Mike Norman (Lewisville) 110

21. Junior Miller (Danbury) 160

Modified Division
second 25-lap race

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Tim Brown (Cana, Va.) $650

2. John Lain (Kernersville) 400

3. Bobby Hutchens (Lexington) 325

4. Chris Fleming (Mount Airy) 275

5. Burt Myers (Walnut Cove) 250

6. Michael Clifton (Walkertown) 225

7. Robert Jeffreys (Winston-Salem) 210

8. Jeremy Stoltz (Walkertown) 195

9. Andrew Durham (Roaring River) 180

10. Kevin Powell (Winston-Salem) 170

11. Jay Mize (Clemmons) 160

12. Brian Pack (Walkertown) 150

13. Lee Jeffreys (High Point) 145

14. Jason Myers (Walnut Cove) 140

15. Brent Elliott (Denton) 135

16. Brad Robbins (Winston-Salem) 130

17. Brody Jones (Statesville) 125

18. Mike Norman (Lewisville) 120

19. Randy Butner (Pfafftown) 115

Stadium Stock Division
15-lap race

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Dale Barneycastle (Mocksville) $105

2. Darren Cotner (King) 80

3. Jason Keaton (Mocksville) 55

4. Shaun Cockerham (East Bend) 45

5. Johnny Burke (Midway) 40

6. Wayne Hill (Kernersville) 35

7. Charlie Curry (Winston-Salem) 30

8. A.J. Sanders (Mocksville) 30

9. A.J. Quakenbush (Winston-Salem) 30

10. Andrew Sanders (Mocksville) 25

11. Kevin L. Neal (Walkertown) 25

12. Gerald Robertson (Germanton) 25

13. Jason Asbury (King) 25

14. Kenny Dixon (Pfafftown) 20

15. Billy Cameron Jr. (Salisbury) 20

16. Gary Brewer (Germanton) 20

17. Glenn Hamilton (Winston-Salem) 20

18. D.J. Moore (Germanton) 20

19. Travis Brewer (Germanton) 20

20. Scott Gordon (Clemmons) 20

21. Matt Hill (Yadkinville) 20

22. Chris Allison (Mocksville) 20

Sportsman Division
first 20-lap race

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Derek Stoltz (Walkertown) $280

2. Ronnie Barron (Lexington) 180

3. Mitch Gales (Lexington) 140

4. Ronnie Clifton (Walkertown) 185

5. Robbie Brewer (Winston-Salem) 95

6. Scott Hall (Walkertown) 85

7. Kenny Bost (Kernersville) 75

8. Barry Edwards (Pinnacle) 65

9. Gene Pack (Walkertown) 55

10. Tommy Neal (Walkertown) 50

11. David Adams (Yadkinville) 45

12. Michael Adams (Yadkinville) 40

13. Jim Shoaf (Lexington) 35

14. Steven Berrier (Germanton) 30

15. Justin Collins (Pilot Mountain) 25

16. Gary Ledbetter (Lexington) 25

17. Bryant Robertson (Lexington) 25

18. Daniel Beeson (Kernersville) 25

19 Todd Hunt (Lexington) 25

20. Taylor Branch (Lewisville) 25

21. Mike Evans (King) 25

22. Kyle Edwards (King) 25

23. Tate Henley (Winston-Salem) 25

24. Keith McMichael (Belews Creek) 25

Sportsman Division
second 20-lap race

(Results unofficial pending technical inspection)

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Gene Pack (Walkertown) $280

2. Kenny Bost (Kernersville) 180

3. Robbie Brewer (Winston-Salem) 140

4. Tommy Neal (Walkertown) 110

5. Steven Berrier (Germanton) 95

6. Mitch Gales (Lexington) 85

7. Kyle Edwards (King) 75

8. Michael Adams (Yadkinville) 65

9. Gary Ledbetter (Lexington) 55

10. Ronnie Clifton (Walkertown) 50

11. Taylor Branch (Lewisville) 45

12. Jim Shoaf (Lexington) 40

13. Bryant Robertson (Lexington) 35

14. Daniel Beeson (Kernersville) 30

15. Derek Stoltz (Walkertown) 25

16. Barry Edwards (Pinnacle) 25

17. Justin Collins (Pilot Mountain) 25

18. David Adams (Yadkinville) 25

19. Tate Henley (Winston-Salem) 25

20. Keith McMichael (Belews Creek) 25

21. Scott Hall (Walkertown) 25

22. Ronnie Barron (Lexington) 25

Street Stock Division
20-lap race

Driver (hometown) Money

1. Ryan Nelson (Winston-Salem) $160

2. Matt Fletcher (Walkertown) 110

3. John McNeal (Winston-Salem) 120

4. Johnny Arnder (Mount Airy) 65

5. Tim Vaden (Kernersville) 55

6. Matt Cotner (Rural Hall) 45

7. Doug Wall (Pfafftown) 90

8. Donnie Martin (Wallburg) 35

9. David Sumner (Trinity) 30

10. Joseph Brown (Winston-Salem) 75

11. Daniel Fishel (Greensboro) 25

12. Willie Wall (Lexington) 25

13. Reggie Doub (Germanton) 25

14. Michael Nichols (Trinity) 25

15. Jerry Helms (Winston-Salem) 25

16. Richard Reeves (Cooleemee) 25

17. Leon Hutchens (Winston-Salem) 20

18. Brian Wall (Winston-Salem) 20

19. Ethan Stoltz (Walkertown) 70

20. K.J. Stimpson (Lewisville) 20

21. David Conner (Sandy Ridge) 20

22. Jeff Potts (King) 20

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