Burt Myers gets Modified win, edges closer to Brown

By Mason Linker / Journal Reporter

For the second straight week, Burt Myers solved the mystery of winning the pole.

And as he did last week, Myers used the front position to his advantage to win the first of two Modified series races at Bowman Gray Stadium, edging a little closer to points leader Tim Brown.

In the second Modified race, Brent Elliott started on the pole and went on to capture his second win of the season.

Both Myers and Elliott were happy with their victories, but both said that the feeling was bittersweet in the aftermath of the death of driver Brian Pack, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday.

It was the fourth win of the season and 32nd of his career for Myers, who won for the second straight week. Interviewed on the track after the race, he told the fans that he dedicated the race to Brian Pack and asked that people pray for Pack's family.

"When I started running Modifieds, Brian was running Modifieds and we used to hang out," Myers said. "And it's just a tragic loss. We are all in a big circle. It's a racing family. You know these people every Saturday night of the summer, so you have been knowing them your whole life. I have been coming over here since I was a toddler and I knew Brian had, too.

"I think Brian would have been real proud of his boys and his wife for coming out here and pushing his car around because I know that had to be real tough."

Myers qualified in 13.299 seconds last night, edging Robert Jeffreys, who finished second in 13.300. And the race was clean as Myers rolled around for the win with Brown riding tight to his rear bumper.

"Tim Brown has had to make us start working hard to win these poles and I think we have found something, but it's a matter of hitting it right every week," Myers said. "With one-lap qualifying, it's so tough and you have to hit it just right.

"Most of the time you never want to count your chickens before they hatch, and if you can start on the pole in a 25-lap race I told the guys if the car was as good this week as it was last week in a 25-lapper we had a good shot."

Brown still leads the Modified Division with 566 points, but Myers edged closer and now has 539.

"The fat lady doesn't sing until that checkered flag flies," Myers said. "Me and Tim are going to run each other hard but we will run each other pretty clean, and I knew Tim wouldn't do anything out of the way so I just ran my pace. As he hit me a little bit we picked the pace up and it seemed like the longer we ran the stronger I got. I was edging away from him a little as it went on."

The second Modified race included an accident on the third lap when Kevin Powell tapped the bumper of Susan Harwell, who momentarily lost control on the fourth turn and ran Brad Robbins into the wall. Robbins, Lee Jeffreys and John Smith each had to be towed from the track and couldn't complete the race.

Elliott finished 16th in the first race and said he was worried his car wouldn't be up to the task of holding the pole.

"We were worried to death and we didn't think it would hold for five laps if it ran as bad as it did in the first race," Elliott said. "But we made a lot of wholesale changes, loosened a lot of stuff up and took a lot of the bite out of the car and figured we would see what happens and it did good.

"I don't know if I try harder when I get in front or what it is. I can't get it to go in the middle of the pack but when it gets out in front it takes off and goes."

Elliott, whose pit has been beside Brian Pack's all summer, looked at Pack's No. 81 car and shook his head.

"With this deal right here with Brian Pack, it's a good feeling but not a good feeling," Elliott said. "I wish we could bring him back and we would if we could. You couldn't ask for a cleaner driver and (pointing to Pack's crew) these boys here would give you the shirt off their back and we would for them. It's just sad."

Kyle Edwards, who entered last night tied for third in the standings, won the first of two, 20-lap Sportsman races. It was the second win of the years and first since June 7 for Edwards, who moved into second place in the standings.

Derek Stolz, in his first year in the Sportsman Division, won the second race. For Stoltz, who also won last week, it gave him a division-leading fourth win of the season.

Johnny Burke won the first Stadium Stock race and increased his lead in the standings, and John McNeal won the Street Stock race, during which David Sumner took over sole possession of first place in the standings.

Chuck Wall won the second 15-lap Stadium Stock race.


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