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DRIVER...Charles "Bubba" Beck
HOME.. Churchland, NC
BIRTH PLACE...Lexington, NC
Birth Date...July 1st
HEIGHT... 5' 9"
WEIGHT... 165

Charles "Bubba" Beck is truly one of the "Legends" of Piedmont stock car racing. The 2000 season marked his sixth decade in the sport. Bubba began his racing career in 1956 at Bowman Gray Stadium. He was the Stadium's Limited Sportsman Champion in 1963. In that same year he placed third overall the NASCAR North Carolina State Limited Sportsman standings. bbeck.jpg - 57.88 K

Bubba moved up to the powerful Modified division in 1964, campaigning at the Stadium as well as dirt tracks all across North Carolina. Bubba obtained much success on dirt, winning many victories. Bubba_98.jpg

The 1970's saw many changes in Modified racing, the dirt tracks were replaced by paved ovals, the pre-war coupes and sedans were replaced with sleek modern race cars. Bubba adapted to the transition well, winning his biggest victory in 1976 at Bowman Gray. He also placed in the top 20 in the NASCAR National Modified standings three years in a row. This is significant due to the fact that there were several hundred drivers competing in the division. To place this high in the standings, Bubba had to cross the Mason-Dixon Line on several occasions, competing at tracks throughout the North East. Bubba_Brinkley.jpg

Bubba is truly one of the most popular drivers in the area. He has accumulated many loyal fans through the years. He has also received many sportsmanship awards, voted on by his peers.

He has the longest running sponsorship of any driver at Bowman Gray. Fancy Pastry Shop of Lexington, NC has been with Bubba for over 30 years. He has started more Modified features than any other driver in the history of Bowman Gray, over 600 and counting!

In addition to racing at Bowman Gray, Bubba runs on the Southern Modified Racing Teams (SMART), since its inception in 1988. The series races across North & South Carolina, as well as Virginia and Georgia. Bbeck63.jpg

David Beck .. Owner/Crew Chief
Wayne Overby .. Chief Mechanic/Engine Builder
Scott Hinkle .. Assistant Crew Chief/Public Relations
Steve Lewis .. Mechanic/Tire Specialist
Trevor Biggins .. Engine Builder/Mechanic

Fancy Pastry Shop Lexington, NC
Clint’s Auto Parts Lexington, NC
Lexington Metal Fabricators Lexington, NC

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